3D Printing

The upcoming revolutionary concept of 3D Printing has already caught the attention of many tech lovers worldwide. There is a wave of curiosity and excitement among students to learn the know-how behind this cutting edge technology. There is a growing scope of research and employment in the field of 3D Printing and hence it doesn’t fail to attract the inquisitive minds towards it.

Knowing the ever-increasing interest among students to learn such new technologies, we have come up with the training program in 3D Printing. This program offers students with an opportunity to learn various designing and mathematical concepts.replica uhren Also training students in various softwares involved in 3D printing, the program aims at giving students an understanding of the working and designing of the 3D images.

The training program is divided into 6 levels with each level further divided into 15 sessions. Every session is a great learning experience of concepts and is topped with replica bags practical sessions.  

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