Children are always curious to know how things work. The excitement to learn things is ever-increasing among children and also among college students. The constant brainstorming and curiosity, when given proper direction, and guidance can make them learn great concepts and work wonders.

Often children are attracted towards electrical appliances and electronic gadgets, mostly due to the ability of these gadgets to make difficult tasks easy for us.orologi replica There is always a quest to know the logic involved in making of these gadgets. This interest is what we encourage in our program “GenSpark”. Specially designed to educate children in the fields of electrical and electronics engineering, the GenSpark program involves great fun filled learning techniques.

The program offers training right from the basic concepts and gives a deep understanding of concepts aided by practical sessions. Working hands-on, the students get to know the right techniques involved in various electrical networks and gadgets.

The entire program is divided into 6 levels. Each level is a set of 15 sessions involving both theoretical and practical training.  

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